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Paul Hardcastle 19

Paul Hardcastle 19, Paul Hardcastle - 19, 5.04 MB, 03:40, 3,353,865, explodingfirst, 2007-05-16T12:58:18.000000Z, 19, Paul Hardcastle – 19 (1985, Blue Injection-moulded Labels, Vinyl) - Discogs, www.discogs.com, 600 x 602, jpeg, Paul hardcastle's 19 is a great record that is completely surrounded in controversy that serves to increase the popularity of the record, and also tarnish its image. The criticism of this record, as good as the production is, is deserved however. 25 miles west of saigon. In vietnam the combat soldier typicaly served a twelve month tour of duty but. , 20, paul-hardcastle-19, Kampion